Robert Siedlecki: Racism rules at the NFL — Asian-Americans are “not the right minority” the league wants to hire

Wokeism and pushers of Critical Race Theory will ultimately reach their logical conclusion: they are the true racists. The NFL is proving as much.

As everyone knows, the National Football League is woke. It all started back in 2003 when the NFL adopted the Rooney Rule, which promotes race-based and sex-based hiring. According to the rule (as it currently exists), at least one minority (and in some cases two) must be interviewed for senior coaching and management positions and at least one woman must be interviewed for front office positions. Hiring based on race and sex, not competence or character, is what the rule cares about.

Wokeness and identity politics gained greater prominence in the NFL in 2016 when quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the playing of the national anthem to protest “racist” police officers “disproportionately” shooting black men in America; a claim which is demonstrably false. Indeed, the statistics go the other way: while being only 6% of the population, black men are responsible for 42% of police officer killings. But truth did not matter. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defended Kaepernick’s actions, and most players and even some coaches took a knee during the playing of the national anthem to show solidarity with Kaepernick and his false claims of racism. Then in early 2020, when it was determined that the Rooney rule was not producing enough minority hires, the NFL expanded the rule to require that more minorities be interviewed for leadership positions.

When the George Floyd riots went rampant in the summer of 2020, wokeness went into overdrive at the NFL head office. First, the league agreed to donate $250 million over 10 years “to combat systemic racism” in the United States. Then, because the Rooney rule was still not achieving the right racial results, the NFL agreed to offer compensatory draft picks to teams that develop minority staff members and then lose them to higher positions with other teams.

Robert Siedlecki

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