PRESS RELEASE: Schoolhouse Rights becomes Families for Educational Freedom


August 16, 2021

ROCKFORD, Illinois—In order to better reflect its mission and its approach to challenges in our educational system, Schoolhouse Rights, a project of the International Organization for the Family, is now becoming “Families for Education Freedom”. FEF promotes the education, not the indoctrination, of children through serving the practical legal needs of families in K-12 schools. Freedom of speech and association, due process, legal equality, religious liberty, sanctity of conscience, and the ability of parents to guide and direct the upbringing of their children are rights essential to liberty and a free and flourishing society. FEF directly aids families in defending these rights through educational outreach, advocacy, and litigation.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) and related ideologies have rapidly become a primary threat to parental and individual rights, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience in both public and private schools. “These ideologies sow racial and sexual hostility in the name of social justice, and many families feel helpless to address the radical changes they see in their local schools. Families for Educational Freedom provides legal counsel and educational assistance to parents and gives them practical tools to fight back against the indoctrination of their children. Our new name better reflects our family-centered approach to education. We assist parents in advocating for their children and communities,” stated attorney and Director of FEF Kellie Miller.

Founded in early 2021, FEF (formerly Schoolhouse Rights) has responded to these challenges by helping to litigate the first known student CRT case in federal court.  In addition, FEF has assisted and continues to work with dozens of parents across the county in filing public records requests, accessing curriculum and teacher training materials, and reviewing school board policies and procedures to help ensure a learning environment free from indoctrination.  Our work lays a critical foundation for legal challenges to CRT and helps empower parents to change their local school policies and free the next generation of children from indoctrination.

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